• Patricia has a wonderful coaching style- I felt listened to, encouraged and gently challenged. I moved forward, as a result of the process with Patricia, to achieve the goals that I had set myself. I was delighted with the process and feel as though I have moved on as a result. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Patricia as a caring, sensitive yet challenging coach.

    Nicola Watkins Geneva, Switzerland
  • I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Patricia Campbell. The coaching sessions that I have had with her have been very thorough and thought provoking. She seems to have an ability to take a fairly general statement about my goals and desires and break then down. This allowed us to firstly clearly identify them and then by default make them in to manageable chunks. The attention to detail was they key to the success, and yet remarkable how the detail comes together to form part of the larger picture and overall achievement. Her coaching style was calm and non-judgemental. She is truly a wonderful coach who is committed to achieving clarity and results with her clients. I’ll be recommending her!

    Prita Laladia Project Manager/Reiki Practitioner, London
  • Being coached by Patricia was a wonderful experience in 2009. She has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and much humour! She has really challenged me to take a good look at what I want and how I will achieve it. I loved the way she supported and encouraged me through her highly accurate listening and feedback skills. I found the sessions exciting, thought-provoking and a lot of fun!

    Alexandra Caraciobanu Romania
  • I had some fantastic coaching from Patricia recently. She helped me to explore an area where I was making no or slow progress. With her encouragement and by drawing from me what needed to be done I was able to move ahead with my goals. I would highly recommend Patricia; she has a very warm, safe and encouraging manner which brought out the best in me. Thanks Patricia!

    Ali Soleil Buckinghamshire
  • I asked pat for help when I could not make sense of how i could successfully lift my business idea off the ground. She helped me to ask myself very precise questions that I needed answered and those answers helped me clarify exactly what i needed to do next. She did not dictate nor prescribe just allowed me to reach what was already hiding in my unconscious mind!! Her session gave me a new sense of determination and energy so now any time i feel low or unsure I will be sure to call....Thank you Pat!

    Siobhan Lecointe Retreat Organiser
  • Being coached by Pattie was like a breath of fresh air, she encouraged me to think about areas I had never really explored before. I felt safe and supported as I looked at these areas and whatever I said she never made me feel it was silly or unattainable. I also found her to be relaxed and very professional in her coaching manner and she asked questions which challenged but never made me feel uncomfortable. I gained perspective and discovered new things about myself with Pattie and I can recommend taking the journey with her

    Rona Rodgers Glasgow Scotland