I Fired My Employers

For an age I’ve been talking about values, how they’re important and how we need to ensure that we are in alignment with them.  I had the opportunity recently to really walk my talk.  I was coming near to the end of my probation period at work and decided that the company didn’t feel right for me and that I was going ti resign.  My resignation was met with surprise by my employers, from their perspective all was going well, I was getting good feedback from the clients and that was pretty much all that was important to them.

But what was important to me was not being met, things that were affecting my experience in the organisation, I was a new recruit and for me it was important to have some sort of contact with my manager, unfortunately this didn’t happen at all, no catching up, no checkin in.. I made HR aware of my concerns but nothing was addressed.

Coupled with that, it was my view that the organisation had dropped the ball (and not intentionally), I had learned that when it came to appraisals and objective setting for my division this was not happening and to compound this, there was not chasing up by HR.  This sat very uncomfortably with me. I had spent a lot of time eliciting my career values and career and personal development were of utmost importance, I needed to trust that the organisation provided the possibility for  growth and expansion of employees. Although the organisation in question said that career and personal growth  was part of their DNA, the reality was something different.

I was given the opportunity to voice my concerns to different levels of management, I was told that appraisals and objective setting was core and that there would be an investigation into the one or two people that slipped through the net, but inside of me raged something that wouldn’t be settled by this statement. Then an admission was made, that they had indeed taken their eye off the ball, they asked me to reconsider resigning, be patient whilst they got things in order. Fair enough I thought,I appreciated the honesty and the time taken to talk to me, but could I wait, and if I did how long would be reasonable? What evidence would I need to see that the issue was being addressed?  Would i recognise and trust it? Also, if the improvements  took too long for I know that this would affect the way I showed up for my employers, compromising my integrity and possibly their reputation.

I decided to continue with the course I set sail on and resigned and although scary, it felt so good to fire my employers. I felt total alignment with me, I wasn’t acting out of a place of fear. If this situation had arisen 5 year ago, 3 years ago, I would have stayed put because it was  job and I was getting a regular salary, after all I had dependents. I would have ignored what ever discomfort coursed through my body, shut down my inner voice  and just plastered on a fake smile, whist feeling like and sometimes behaving like a disgruntled employee.

So right now, with my career values front and centre, I am looking at new opportunities with different companies, whilst creating some magic for myself…

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